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    creation of start-ups and acquisition/reorganization of companies.
    Over 10 years of experience and several success stories, this is GM Venture.

Our main services

Cash Management

Establishment of start-ups, opening of local office, hiring of human resources, definition of processes, management of BPOs, lawyers, and auditors.

Business Development

Market research, evaluation of business projects in Brazil, validation and elaboration of business plans, and support on M&A processes.

(Italiano) Obiettivo emissioni con il progetto Rota

(Italiano) Obiettivo emissioni con il progetto Rota

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IDMC e GM VENTURE firmano partnership per lanciare il programma ELITE del Gruppo London Stock Exchange a San Paolo

IDMC e GM VENTURE firmano partnership per lanciare il programma ELITE del Gruppo London Stock Exchange a San Paolo

Questo progetto si concentra sulle aziende brasiliane. O Programma Elite di Borsa Italiana - La borsa di Londra si prepara al mercato di medie dimensioni dei prestiti alternativi. L’Istituto per lo sviluppo dei mercati di capitali – IDMC, partner esclusivo di Elite, programma internazionale di supporto allo sviluppo di business e raccolta di risorse finanziarie creato da Borsa Italiana - London Stock Exchange Group, e la GM Venture firmano partnership per sviluppare il programma su San Paolo. IDMC e GM Venture lavoreranno assieme per implementare e promuovere il programma ELITE a San Paolo, come parte della rete globale di Elite, fortificando l’ambiente degli affari, fomentando la crescita delle medie e grandi imprese pauliste, la realizzazione di operazioni di fusioni e acquisizioni e l’accesso al mercato dei capitali. L’obiettivo è lanciare un primo gruppo di aziende pauliste già nel 2019 che parteciperanno al programma. Paulo Angelo Carvalho de Souza, CEO, IDMC: “Avendo dedicato più di una decade al rafforzamento dell’ambiente e della cultura del mercato dei capitali in Minas Gerais, l’IDMC considera la partnership con la GM Venture un passo primordiale per la nazionalizzazione del programma Elite Brasil. Il lancio di Elite è una rivoluzione di come le società del middle market brasiliano saranno appoggiate nel loro sviluppo, crescita e preparazione all’accesso del mercato dei capitali impattando decisivamente per lo sviluppo economico del paese. Essendo l’Italia il principale mercato di Elite nel mondo, avere a fianco IDMC la GM Venture, con larga esperienza nelle relazioni commerciali e di investimento tra Brasile e Italia, è un grande contributo alla integrazione di Elite Brasile nella comunità internazionale per approfittare pienamente di tutte le opportunità presenti nel programma.” Graziano Messana, managing partner GM VENTURE: “GM Venture è una società che opera a San Paolo dal 2006 e amministra gli interessi di oltre 30 filiali straniere che hanno investito in Brasile curandone direttamente tutti gli aspetti finanziari e gestionali. Ci rendiamo conto che queste società che amministriamo hanno un fattore competitivo rispetto alle imprese locali perché accedono ad un costo del denaro molto basso, forti del supporto delle loro case madri straniere. Partecipare al programma ELITE può fornire alle aziende brasiliane fonti di finanziamento alternative a quelle locali e aprire scenari per operazioni straordinarie con gruppi stranieri, permettendo loro una rapida crescita combinata con training e tutoraggio. Siamo molto lieti di avere chiuso questo accordo con IDMC e crediamo che questo programma di Borsa Italiana – Gruppo LSE sia veramente disruptive in un mercato, quale il Brasile, in cui il costo del denaro è così alto.” Articolo completo (in portoghese): https://ansabrasil.com.br/brasil/noticias/economia/noticias/2018/12/07/idmc-e-gm-venture-firmam-parceria-para-lancar-elite-em-sp_42400a83-5449-4eb1-9d62-5c8319ec1efd.html

From the maxi-privatization opportunities for orders for over 1,000 Italian PMI

From the maxi-privatization opportunities for orders for over 1,000 Italian PMI

The article today on the topic of opportunities and investments in Brazil on the daily Avvenire. The Brazilian economic situation is in deep evolution after the elections of last October have consecrated President Jair Bolsonaro, a debated and widely discussed figure, who promised a massive privatization plan of over 400 state-owned companies during the election campaign. The new economic course, as announced, will also go from a gradual opening abroad of the state, with a gradual rapprochement with the United States, and from the reduction of the fiscal deficit. "We come from the deepest crisis of the last 50 years, with rates of almost -3.5% of GDP in 2015 2016, inflation of over 10% and interest rates in real terms of real economy of 20% to month, "explains Graziano Messana, founder of Gm Venture. "The economy has now started to break out of the recession, and we expect + 1.5% of GDP and + 2.5% for 2019". The idea of the new government is to redesign the economic plans, starting also from the geography of the alliances. "In a recent speech, the president said he wants to favor relations with the US, Israel and Italy. ", continues Messana, who in Brazil with Gm Venture manages the Italian branches of large companies and SMEs, for a total of about 30 companies. The attractiveness of the country is strong, "the exchange rate is a point in favor", a call for those who want to invoke. About 1,100 Italian companies are now present in Brazil and according to Messana the current political and economic conditions could help to create new possibilities. The sectors that identifies being with the greatest potential are agribusiness, Internet of things (IoT), fintech and furniture. "Agriculture grows historically by + 4% per year, companies are looking for innovation and technologies that can be applied to their sector In Italy there are companies that have interesting solutions but that do not have an outlet market. Then there is the IoT. Among the areas of application "health, that is the whole hospital that does not have an integrated system between the private and public world and insurance for repayments. Elesmart city: in Italy we have both experiences and technologies, they do not, and have appetite of industrial domotics for example, on the security front, the country is insecure but cannot use only armed guards, it needs technology, it serves general new generation security ". Fintech side, "there are Italian companies that have developed alternative payment systems, micro-loans between people, and they are interested in understanding how to enter Brazil with a perspective in the sector that in the next ten years is exploding". Finally, there is the large furnishing and furnishing compartments sector, especially for offices, a field still to be explored where only 13 Italian companies are active. For Messana, the winning strategy to break through is to "adapt to the specific demand of the country, without selling only its own products from the collection at the same price as the Italian price list". The Brazilian market "is complex and dense with bureaucracy: we provide the right support to encourage entry, but on 1 project that arrive, we discard 8. Only strong projects are winning and able to compete".

What our clients say about us

Testimonies from top managers who work with GM Venture

“We are pleased to say that our Brazilian startup, token place in 2011, was extremely successful. We put together a winning team and chose an essential partner such as GM Venture to support us to start quickly our activities in Brazil, goods importation, general and cash management as well as business development activities. “

Kirstie Carey

Former MD – Liberty http://www.liberty.co.uk

“In order to realize these strategies, local partners have always supported Redecam. Actually, in Brazil, we have cooperated with Graziano Messana who represents the perfect balance between the Italian nature and attitudes and his knowledge of the Country, its networks and potential. Graziano Messana has actively participated the project’s start up and has assisted us to deal with the difficulties related to the Brazilian requirements. This important contribution has allowed us to focus on our business and resources in order to implement technology and services to our clients.”

Giuseppe Bettoni

Chairman – Redecam Group S.r.l. www.redecam.com

“Neomobile is the market leader in Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico and Turkey, working on the field of mobile payment in more than 70 countries offering its partners the ability to distribute and monetize digital content and services through the mobile. ‘’From this point of view, we are very pleased with our Brazilian start up, which took place in 2008. We have managed to put together a winning team and grow rapidly. From the early phase of the project, it was essential to have a partner like GM Venture giving us support and continuing to assist us with the upmost efficiency in business development processes’’.

Gianluca D’Agostino

Founder, CEO and then Board Member – Neomobile http://www.neomobile.com

““Brazil offers extraordinary business possibilities for Italia Independent products. The nomination of Graziano Messana together with the support of GM Venture represents an important step in the creation of a solid and prepared team. This choice is due to his long and mature local experience in assisting Italian companies arriving in Brazil, to his professionalism and, lastly, due to his easy cultural and linguistic transit that allow us to accelerate our strategic decisions”.

Andrea Tessitore

Co-founder – Italia Independent https://www.italiaindependent.com

“We had an expansion process in Brazil with several acquisitions. We found GM Venture to be a trustworthy partner, able to act effectively in the delivery of complex projects that the team was involved”.

Giuseppe Perrucci

CEO – Azimut http://www.azimutbrasil.com/

“We have known GM Genture for almost 10 years now, during this period Sparco has used its professionalism and capacity to face corporate reorganization processes and management of our Brazilian branche, a business insert in a degree of complexity with the issue of importation and production of goods with the Sparco brand”.

Claudio Pastoris

CEO – Sparco http://www.sparco.it

“We have known Mr. Graziano Messana and GM Venture’s innovative business model since 2010. Fiera Milano has acquired a majority share of a known Brazilian company from the exhibition sector and we have charged GM Venture and Mr. Messana initially as advisor, then as interim CFO and at last as General Manager. I have to say that all top management of Fiera Milano is very satisfied. We are traded in the stock exchange in the STAR segment. The dedication to the assigned projects, the respect to the financial deadlines e and the ability to negotiate in difficult situations articulating with Brazilian partners are some of the strong points that I can testimony in these years of intense work in Brazil, a country that we want to continue investing”.

Francesco Santa

Chief International Officer – Fiera Milano http://www.fieramilano.it/

“GM Venture understands the complexity of the legal, financial and fiscal dynamics of Brazil. In addition, they have a qualified network, certainly something to be considered an asset for companies that, like Eataly, have decided to invest in Brazil”.

Massimiliano Moi

CFO – Eataly www.eataly.net

A professional team with an ethical conduct. We have started our green field project with them and got along very well. We have understood rapidly in an initial phase, as delicate as can be a start up in Brazil, which were the opportunities and threats that a complex country like this could offer us”. Success case of opening of a gelato chain in Brazil with more than 70 sales points. Currently, the company is preparing its expansion to the USA.”

Edoardo Tonolli

CEO e fundador – Bacio di Latte http://www.baciodilatte.com.br

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Other Clients

Our founder

Graziano Messana

Italian, economist, strong experience with start-up companies, business management and reorganization, and M&A processes. In 2006, he established GM Venture with the goal to support foreign companies entering the country, creating a unique and innovative business platform. Currently, he is part of the board of several companies in Brazil.