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GM Venture: Brazil, reward on the stock exchange with the liberal agenda of Bolsonaro

GM Venture: Brazil, reward on the stock exchange with the liberal agenda of Bolsonaro

Comment from our MD Graziano Messana on the outcome of the elections. GM Venture: Brazil, reward on the stock exchange with the liberal agenda of Bolsonaro by Graziano Messana * (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) - Milan, Oct. 29 - Since the first declarations after his election, the new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has reaffirmed loyalty to the principles of the constitution and economic development of the country. The Asian stock exchanges welcomed the electoral result positively and the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange of Brazil did the same. The economic fundamentals remain positive and I think we must continue the favorable trend of foreign investments in this market The liberal economic agenda of the economist Paulo Guedes is in line with the expectations of the markets. Work on social security reform and privatize first. The stock market reacted well today again a bit 'as in the first round of elections. Asian markets anticipated the result with good performances with EDFs such as Singapore and Tokyo. The Exchange performed + 3% and then returned mainly because the operators made profits as they had already positioned in recent days. From the point of view of the real economy instead there is an idle productive capacity, accumulated in these years, which will certainly be allocated with recovery and at no cost, but this obviously does not mean that investments are not needed, only that there is an extra lever that it will be used. * founder of GM Venture "The content of the news and information transmitted with the title" Word to the market "can not under any circumstances be considered a solicitation to the public savings or the promotion of any form of investment nor personalized recommendations to any form of financing The analyzes contained in the news transmitted in the specific section are elaborated by the company to which the subject expressly referred to as the author belongs The press agency Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor declines all responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of such analyzes and therefore invites users to take note with attention and due diligence of the above stated and represented by the company ". Full article (in italian): https://www.borsaitaliana.it/borsa/notizie/radiocor/finanza/dettaglio/nRC_29102018_1932_642155000.html

Brazil, Bolsonaro to the presidency priority to pensions and privatizations

Brazil, Bolsonaro to the presidency priority to pensions and privatizations

Matter today exit on the Sole24ore. A pleasure to meet with a journalist who knows Brazil so deeply. Brazil, Bolsonaro to the presidency priority to pensions and privatizations Roberto da Rin Sunday At the election Markets give it confidence: declining credit default swaps and less risk of cracking. Objective: reduce deficit and debt. Commitment in the fight against corruption. They tried in every way. It was opposed by civil society, the Workers' Party, newspapers and TV. Yet Jair Bolsonaro, a presidential candidate for Brazil, is the big booster favorite on Sunday. His adversary, Fernando Haddad, has attempted to revive even his identity, with an incursion into "augmented reality", it would be better to say "augmented identity". He wanted to become Fernando "lula" Haddad. Adding a name, that of Lula precisely, the former president loved by the Brazilian left who could not run for the presidential elections. The Electoral Tribunal said "no" and now Bolsonaro proceeds to step towards the victory. The numbers are these: 56% against 44% of its rival. This is written by Datafolha, one of the country's leading sound institutes. Bolsonaro is against everyone. Against gays, "better a dead child rather than a homosexual" against women, 'it is right that they earn less', in favor of the dictatorship, 'the military was right', against the blacks. And, to vellicate the most muscular ... minds, it encourages to shoot: 'the cities are violent? buy guns and pull the trigger! '. Yet the markets believe in this man, so much so that the Cds (Credit default swap), the cost of insurance against default, move in the direction of a falling risk. In a word, trust to Captain Bolsonaro, a former Army military. The economic programs of Paulo Guedes, a monetarist of the Chicago Boys, ultra-liberal. Guedes, born in 1949, Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Chicago was one of the founders of the Banco Pactual, he directed several investment funds and companies and is currently a member of the Millennium Institute, together with Gustavo Granco, one of the creators of Plano Real . Bolsonaromics Guedes has promised to cancel the fiscal deficit (will reach 50 billion euros in 2018) within a year. Such as? With an aggressive privatization plan, pension reform and administrative reform to "streamline" the state. With regard to compliance with the "ceiling of expenditure" (established by the Constitution), which prevents the overrun of public spending, its position fades and returns responsibility to the parliamentary vote. "Decentralization" is another cornerstone: the central government will have to reduce the Ministries and resources destined for security, education and health will have to be managed in a more local way, according to the needs of each community. Privatization. It is the other pillar of "Bolsonaromics". According to some estimates of government, it seems that an aggressive plan of privatization could bring about 200 billion euro into the coffers of the state, more than enough to ensure the elimination of the public deficit and to reduce the cost of debt that today is around 70% of the GDP. The energy sector could have a safeguard clause. Bolsonaro defends the control of "strategic" companies, in particular, related to this sector. Yet, according to Mauro Mantica, director of Update Brasil, these announcements could be pre-electoral. The Bolsonaro of government, who knows, could be very different from that of the electoral campaign. Finally, the pension reform, a crucial point in the balance of public finances that the Temer government has neither the strength nor the credibility to face. The trust of the operators "The markets buy Bolsonaro", says Graziano Messana, managing director of GM Venture, who observes from San Paolo that there are no worries: the Stock Exchange shows euphoria and the companies after months of prudence or even paralysis believe the economic recovery. The black hole of credibility in which Petrobras fell (the country's safe) seems partially outdated. Messana explains how there is a widespread sentiment of greater transparency, in short, a change from the climate of a few years ago. And Italian companies also look to the country with more confidence. Although the words of Vinicius de Moraes should be remembered, "Brazil is not a country for beginners". The Keyword #Credit Default Swap Protection from default It is a swap that has the function of transferring credit risk. A common hedging instrument among credit derivatives. In other words, it is an insurance against the risk of cracking.

Why does Bolsonaro like the Brazilians entrepreneurs and foreign investors

Why does Bolsonaro like the Brazilians entrepreneurs and foreign investors

By Graziano Messana The surprising final result of the first round of the Brazilian presidential elections ended with almost 50 million votes collected by Jair Bolsonaro. If we pause for a moment to observe the only political profile of Bolsonaro, captain of the army on leave and deputy from 1991, certainly we could open some chapters that show imprudence and inconsistency both in his public statements and in the way in the past exercised his right to vote against some important reforms. But to the extent that the exercise of democracy is not called into question, Bolsonaro is seen as a necessary turning point. The stock has received with great euphoria the outcome of this first stage of the elections registering a + 4% and the historical record of exchanges, which totaled 24.8 billion reais. The interest rate curve has recorded an immediate containment and this will more easily guarantee an economic shift if it does not change the scenario again. The first objective conclusion is therefore that the feeling of the investiture is not of concern, but of trust. Quite than to imagine again the power to the challenger's PT. to the second scrutiny Fernando Haddad, political son of the former president Lula, they are supporting Bolsonaro, not so much as a candidate, but as a movement, since his party has grown enormously in a short time. The second, more than a conclusion, is a sensation. The companies have been very cautious if not immobilized in recent months, no one has made investments or decided to hire (remembering that the crisis left 13 million unemployed). Already seen, in the first statements made by hot Brazilian entrepreneurs or executives, comforting words and great encouragement for a faster recovery. But who will govern the economic and financial (remembering that since 1989 the candidates who have won the first round have become presidents then) are names that a lot like the market and investors. Very much like the economic right-wing brigade of Bolsonaro, Paolo Guedes, economist and possible finance minister, who has a consensus in view of his high skills in administration and economics (PhD in Chicago). The other names, simply, no are present within the liberal social party but Guedes has already announced the recruitment on the market explaining the names that could make up the control room. Names ranging from presidents of well-known investment banks to renowned economists who take on loads of responsibility in private secrecy. Guedes also highly esteems the work of the current Central Bank president, Ilan Goldfajn, for which he will either reconfirm or enter a figure who will continue the work in a fairly continuous direction. From a point of view of interest towards Brazil, it has seen several acquisitions in recent months by foreign groups that see the country as a medium-long term opportunity. Analyzing data on foreign investment flows, Brazil rose to fourth place in the world ranking as attractiveness. Funds such as BlackRock have already announced that Brazilian assets will be valued quickly after the elections so that various transactions are accelerating in these groups. In this sense also the position of Bank of America, which has already changed the profile of neutral to overweight. Italian companies have taken important positions, to name just a few from the recent acquisition made by ENEL and the operation of Buzzi Unice, which in September invested 150 million euros, revealing 50% of the Brennand group (cement division).

What our clients say about us

Testimonies from top managers who work with GM Venture

“We are pleased to say that our Brazilian startup, token place in 2011, was extremely successful. We put together a winning team and chose an essential partner such as GM Venture to support us to start quickly our activities in Brazil, goods importation, general and cash management as well as business development activities. “

Kirstie Carey

Former MD – Liberty http://www.liberty.co.uk

“In order to realize these strategies, local partners have always supported Redecam. Actually, in Brazil, we have cooperated with Graziano Messana who represents the perfect balance between the Italian nature and attitudes and his knowledge of the Country, its networks and potential. Graziano Messana has actively participated the project’s start up and has assisted us to deal with the difficulties related to the Brazilian requirements. This important contribution has allowed us to focus on our business and resources in order to implement technology and services to our clients.”

Giuseppe Bettoni

Chairman – Redecam Group S.r.l. www.redecam.com

“Neomobile is the market leader in Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico and Turkey, working on the field of mobile payment in more than 70 countries offering its partners the ability to distribute and monetize digital content and services through the mobile. ‘’From this point of view, we are very pleased with our Brazilian start up, which took place in 2008. We have managed to put together a winning team and grow rapidly. From the early phase of the project, it was essential to have a partner like GM Venture giving us support and continuing to assist us with the upmost efficiency in business development processes’’.

Gianluca D’Agostino

Founder, CEO and then Board Member – Neomobile http://www.neomobile.com

““Brazil offers extraordinary business possibilities for Italia Independent products. The nomination of Graziano Messana together with the support of GM Venture represents an important step in the creation of a solid and prepared team. This choice is due to his long and mature local experience in assisting Italian companies arriving in Brazil, to his professionalism and, lastly, due to his easy cultural and linguistic transit that allow us to accelerate our strategic decisions”.

Andrea Tessitore

Co-founder – Italia Independent https://www.italiaindependent.com

“We had an expansion process in Brazil with several acquisitions. We found GM Venture to be a trustworthy partner, able to act effectively in the delivery of complex projects that the team was involved”.

Giuseppe Perrucci

CEO – Azimut http://www.azimutbrasil.com/

“We have known GM Genture for almost 10 years now, during this period Sparco has used its professionalism and capacity to face corporate reorganization processes and management of our Brazilian branche, a business insert in a degree of complexity with the issue of importation and production of goods with the Sparco brand”.

Claudio Pastoris

CEO – Sparco http://www.sparco.it

“We have known Mr. Graziano Messana and GM Venture’s innovative business model since 2010. Fiera Milano has acquired a majority share of a known Brazilian company from the exhibition sector and we have charged GM Venture and Mr. Messana initially as advisor, then as interim CFO and at last as General Manager. I have to say that all top management of Fiera Milano is very satisfied. We are traded in the stock exchange in the STAR segment. The dedication to the assigned projects, the respect to the financial deadlines e and the ability to negotiate in difficult situations articulating with Brazilian partners are some of the strong points that I can testimony in these years of intense work in Brazil, a country that we want to continue investing”.

Francesco Santa

Chief International Officer – Fiera Milano http://www.fieramilano.it/

“GM Venture understands the complexity of the legal, financial and fiscal dynamics of Brazil. In addition, they have a qualified network, certainly something to be considered an asset for companies that, like Eataly, have decided to invest in Brazil”.

Massimiliano Moi

CFO – Eataly www.eataly.net

A professional team with an ethical conduct. We have started our green field project with them and got along very well. We have understood rapidly in an initial phase, as delicate as can be a start up in Brazil, which were the opportunities and threats that a complex country like this could offer us”. Success case of opening of a gelato chain in Brazil with more than 70 sales points. Currently, the company is preparing its expansion to the USA.”

Edoardo Tonolli

CEO e fundador – Bacio di Latte http://www.baciodilatte.com.br

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Italian, economist, strong experience with start-up companies, business management and reorganization, and M&A processes. In 2006, he established GM Venture with the goal to support foreign companies entering the country, creating a unique and innovative business platform. Currently, he is part of the board of several companies in Brazil.